Why Web Development Course?

Web development course will provide you a wide range of career opportunities at your door-step. Once you learn this course of web development you will be hired not only as in office based job but you can have online job as well. It will also be easy for you to work according to your own schedule. Now a days, every company is in competition to raise their business with the help of online marketing. This online marketing can only be improved with its proper website development. Thus, Web Development Course has become the corner stone for business promotion and a career opportunities for developers.

Advantages of Web Development

Web Site Development course these days is promoting different business and providing career opportunities through which one can earn with flexible hours. One person can easily earn 30 Thousands to 2 Hundred Thousand a month in average. Therefore, Web Development Course has become very important in this digital world.

You need to learn web designing course for achieving command on web development.

Course Outline

  • PHP Basics
  • Variable & Strings
  • If/else & Switch
  • While & for Loop
  • Functions, Arrays
  • Session Handling
  • OOP (Intro)
  • MVC Introduction
  • Database (MySQL)
    • Concepts
    • Manipulating
    • Database Implementation
    • CRUD in PHP

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